Miscalculation Is Now Available!

I am excited to announce that the novella Miscalculation is now available at: Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and Smashwords.

From the back of the book:

Amos O'Neal and his family joined the wagon train with dreams of a new life in Oregon. But those plans changed when the Krukians' flying saucer descended from the sky. The aliens offered to trade incredible machines for the settlers' mundane possessions, and although Amos didn't trust the Krukians, the other members of the wagon train voted to stay.

An Indian tribe camped nearby and the alien gadget maker Wizguzit quickly charmed settler and Indian alike with his enthusiastic smile and amazing machines.

However, a year later the town has a mysterious lack of visitors, Wizguzit’s machines have begun malfunctioning with disastrous results, and outlaws enter town, intent on using Krukian technology to achieve their own, sinister ends.

Miscalculation is a tale of unlikely friends and contrasting cultures. Featuring uniquely endearing characters and insightful humor, Miscalculation is a story you will never forget.

This novella tells the story which is hinted at in the board game Area 1851. The game's designer, Justin Blaske, and I wanted a story set in the Wild West, with aliens, but we were tired of aliens being portrayed as either all-wise or all-sinister. How about loveable but bumbling ne'er-do-wells? This story is the result.

I've always enjoyed the way speculative fiction allows authors and readers to go on a journey together and through the plot, to take a handful of important but dissimilar concepts, smash them together, and see what could result from such an interesting mix of characters, ideas, cultures, and situations. I think the process of this discovery and discussion is both enjoyable, and probes the very depths of what makes us human.

Have no fear, Miscalculation is not some deep trek into the human soul. :-) I do believe the story provides intellectual meat to chew on, but it is also a lighter story containing humor and action. My beta readers reacted extremely positively to the unique alien characters, enjoyed chuckling at their antics, and speculating at their true motives.

The talented Sara Machajewski drew the art for the cover and the book is edited by T. D. Larsen.

I hope you buy a copy and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And please don't forget to review the story on whatever store you purchased it from. Reviews are extremely helpful in elevating the book's visibility and encouraging other readers to give it a try!