Miscalculation: A Tale of Area 1851

Amos O'Neal and his family joined the wagon train with dreams of a new life in Oregon. But those plans changed when the Krukians' flying saucer descended from the sky. The aliens offered to trade incredible machines for the settlers' mundane possessions, and although Amos didn't trust the Krukians, the other members of the wagon train voted to stay.

An Indian tribe camped nearby and the alien gadget maker Wizguzit quickly charmed settler and Indian alike with his enthusiastic smile and amazing machines.

However, a year later the town has a mysterious lack of visitors, Wizguzit’s machines have begun malfunctioning with disastrous results, and outlaws enter town, intent on using Krukian technology to achieve their own, sinister ends.

Miscalculation is a tale of unlikely friends and contrasting cultures. Featuring uniquely endearing characters and insightful humor, Miscalculation is a story you will never forget.

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